Re: adhesions and hormone replacement

From: cathy:- (
Mon Jan 14 18:45:25 2002

If you have both fibrous adhesions and endometrial adhesions, then the hormones in the HRT could be stimulating the endometrial implants. If they are mixed up with the fibrous adhesions, then this absolutely could cause that sort of problem. Have you ever been told that you have endometriosis? You might have it even if nobody ever detected it, too.

Were your adhesions already bad when you had the hysterectomy? It wasn't clear from your posting, but did they take out your ovaries or just your uterus? If they take out your ovaries when you already have dense adhesions it is sometimes impossible to get all of the ovary out because it is too badly buried. There is something called "ovarian remnant syndrome" where woman have periods every month and may even ovulate, and can even get ovarian cancer in the tiny bits of ovaries that get left behind. If this sounds like it might be possible then you really need to get it checked out.

At Mon, 14 Jan 2002, Kay wrote: >
>I don't know if I am even in the right place, but can anyone tell me if
>they are familiar with hormone replacement causing aggravation to
>adhesions and scar tissue? i had a hysterectomy 15 yrs. ago and
>recently went on a stronger hormone therapy and since then, i am having
>alot of pain in my left lowerside, just wondering if the hormones could
>be aggravating scar tissue from the surgery this long ago, Thanks, Kay

cathy :-)

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