Re: ADHESIONS digest 1748

Sun Jan 13 23:50:13 2002

In a message dated 01/13/2002 8:22:21 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

> Attorney Dearest Rhonda: Amazing this attorney is from Scranton, PA and
> was able to find our = site. I don't think this was by accident. Someone
> had to tell him to = look at the IAS site. Now who? We have a right to
> vent as much as we want with regarding this post = from this attorney.
> Boy, I hope his

may be he got it from another web site , thats how I got it from partners against pain site. I would need a chair under me if I heard him say he had the b@@ls to acutally help us :) HA!!! In my dreams !!! Have a great day!!! Hugs , Rhonda~LA.

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