Re: Need help finding a doctor in my area

From: susan (
Sun Jan 13 21:12:19 2002

At Tue, 12 Jun 2001, Sally Grigg wrote: >
>Dear Julie, I'm sorry but I live in Northern California so I can not
>help you directly. The same thing happened to me and I went on
>anti-depressants, we tried three different kinds. None of them helped
>the pain, but they did make my mind unbalanced and I do not recommend
>them. Nobody really knows what they do. What they did for me was turn my
>happy, productive, pain filled life into an unhappy, non-productive,
>pain filled life. I am now on narcotic medications and am awaiting
>another adhesion laproscopic procedure. Please look back through the
>archives and print out a lot of information that you can take to a good
>doctor. Hopefully someone on this board can find you one. I know there
>are lists here somewhere. Good luck and don't give up. It's not in your
>head. I did go to a psychiatrist who gave me a letter stating that the
>only thing wrong with me was intense abdominal agony presumably from
>adhesions given my past history. Love, Sally Our thoughts are with
>Julie Morris wrote:
>> Hello everyone I am new to your adhesions site and I am very happy I
>> have found it. I am a young housewife and have had troubles since I
>> had a tubal ligation in Feb. of 1999. I finally after being put on
>> numerous antidepressants found a doctor who took a look inside of me
>> and found lots scar tissue and adhesions on my bowels and uterus. Well
>> I had relief for a little while but once again I'm going through the
>> same problems and all of my doctors have once again abandoned me
>> saying I should be fine now. my GI doctor keeps sending me to my
>> Ob/gyn and back and forth and so on and I'm at my whits end. It seems
>> every time I see a doctor the first thing they say to me is they don't
>> give narcotics and then offer me antidepressants. I really need
>> someone to help me find a doctor in my area who will listen to me and
>> actually help me. I have good insurance but even after so many co pays
>> and no answers it gets very expensive and frustrating. I live in the
>> Houston Texas area actually I live in Tomball Texas if anyone has some
>> advise for me please help I would greatly appreciate
>> it.
>> Julie Morris

hi sally,
since you live in northern california, i was hoping you might be able to recommend a skilled surgeon for remove of adhesions. also suspect nerve entrapment following abdominal supracervial hysterectomy.

i live in the san franciso bay area.

in spirit, susan

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