Re: Kathy R and oncology

Sun Jan 13 14:29:13 2002

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to update you. The lap surgery in Oct started me down a road I never thought I would be on. Thank god for Dr Goldner as he found something that he knew wasnt normal and then pushed for answers. As luck would have it, he discovered the begining stages of a non-hodgkins lymphoma. Needless ot say I was terrfied for approx. 5-6 weeks before anyone could give me anwsers. Blood tests, catscan and a biopsy surgery the Weds before Turkey Day. They took out a tumor from under my arm which confirmed the cancer. I have since learned that it is very early in it's developement (thank you Dr G!) and it is not fatal (thank you God!). I have a great oncologist who comes highly recommended by my OB & the surgeon that did the biopsy. I am so early in to this that my body is doign the fighting and the cancer isnt even in my blood yet. My Lymphatic system is winning for now. AT some point it will stop winning and I will need chemo in pill form but until then... Life as normal? Check-ups regularly but other than that, I am going to be OK. Oh and want a good chuckle? The back poin that pushed me to have the Lap in Oct wasnt related to the adhesion and isnt reated to the cancer. Ready? They found that I have 2 compressed discs in my lower back.The adhesion pain was gone my first cycle after thesurgery but has come back a little but no where what is was before.. So much for a warranty on body parts, Huh? Just have to keep smiling.

Take care everyone! I think of you all!

Love, Kathy R

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