Re: Kathy R and oncology

From: dtouch (
Wed Jan 2 22:48:58 2002

Dear Kathy: I wish you the best with your oncology visit. It is real scary and I will be saying a prayer for you. Love and hope. Dolores in Louisiana

"Kathy R." wrote:

> I just wanted to say HI to everyone. I have healed well from my
> laporoscopy and it would appear that my OB has performed yet another
> miracle. He removed adhesions from my right ovary on 10/19 and I had my
> first period since the surgery with no pain. Yippee. It has been
> almost 11yrs since that has happened. I am keeping my fingers crossed
> that it will stay that way. God I wish everyone could have the same
> result. You all deserve it more than I can tell you!!
> I posted on the quilt as Chrissie told me to ( I always do what she
> says!) I had mentioned that when they were in there they found something
> else but weren't sure what. Well I found out Monday that they found
> lymphoma and now I am off to the oncologist. I am keeping a positve
> outlook an dhave a great support system. Ihave my fingers, toes, and
> anything else that I can stretch crossed! Either Chrissie or I will keep
> you posted. I am sure I will be fine.
> Chrissie is hanging in there. Work is doing a job on her. No pun
> intended! She loves her job but it wipes her out and she spends the
> week-end recouping. I am doing my best to keep my eye on her. I know
> she misses everyone!
> I want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season! Please know that I am
> thinking of you all.
> Love,
> Kathy R
> PS: Helen C, Love you and please hang in there!!!!

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