Re: Having an Oxycontin problem

From: dtouch (
Sat Jan 12 20:56:30 2002

Dear Kelly: If you take any medicines over a period of time, anyone will build up a tolerance to them and like Robin wrote, you could be getting more pain. If you feel that this could be a factor, then talk to your doctor if you are lucky enough to have a good understanding one. Love & hope. Dolores in Louisiana

Robin wrote:

> I think that with most meds, you build up a tolerance to it & it has to
> be increased. I was on MS contin before my last surgery & I had it
> increased 2 times. They always start you out on the lowest dose, then
> there is room to increase it as needed. But, your pain could also be
> getting worse, I would talk to your dr about it.
> robin
> At Fri, 11 Jan 2002, Kelly Murray wrote:
> >
> >I SEE, I just sent a post about Oxycontin a few minutes ago and then it
> >occured to me (i'm blond) that this is a ploy by some attorneys to file
> >suits against the maker of Oxycontin.
> >I got confused there for a minute because I was going to ask if Chrissie had
> >another surgery.
> >By the way, has anyone that is taking Oxycontin built up a tolerance and
> >their dr. had to increase dosage? Like I said before, it really did good
> >with the pain for a few weeks but now my pain level is almost intolerabl at
> >times. So, does that mean the pain is worse or the tolerance has built u ?
> >How do you figure that one out?
> >Kel
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> >Date: Friday, January 11, 2002 04:25:58 PM
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> >At Mon, 9 Oct 2000, Chrissy wrote:
> >>
> >>Hi my friends,
> >>I'm having a problem coming off of the oxycontin pills. I started
> >>taking them over a year ago. First it was at 80 mgs. for almost the
> >>whole year - then down to 40mgs. Now that I have had my surgery with
> >>Dr. Reich and Dr. Redan of course I don't need the pills for the pain
> >>because my pain is not that bad. But OUCH am I having a hard time not
> >>taking them. I have only a few left and I am actually panicing that I
> >>don't have another prescription. I don't know if I am afraid not to
> >>take them because I remember the awful pain I had before I was on them,
> >>or my body is craving them.....I don't know which is worse. I fight NOT
> >>to take the pill cause I know I won't get anymore. My God if I knew it
> >>would be this hard before I started taking them I don't know if I would
> >>chose to take them. But at the time I started taking them I wanted
> >>something, anything just to get rid of some of the pain. What am I to
> >>do? I feel awful......I know this is not as bad as pain, but wow what a
> >>trick it's playing on my mind.
> >>with hugs and love,
> >>Chrissie xo
> >
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> >If you or a loved one have been harmed by the use of the perscription
> >drug OxyContin, please call the Law Firm of Thomas J. Munley, P.C at
> >1-866-OXY-ABUSE for a confidential case evaluation. Thomas J. Munley &
> >Associates is located at 527 Linden Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania
> >18503.
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