Re: How do you exercise with adhesions?

Fri Jan 11 12:06:35 2002

I went to a physical therapist and we experimented with different stretching exercises until we found some that didn't hurt (too much, LOL) and I could do some while sitting. I can't not do some exercising because of my fibro and I have a weight problem also. I can't do aerobic exercises unless in water and now that it is cold, I don't even do those (getting all warm and the getting in a cold car just makes it all worse).

I'm afraid it is all trial and error...I used to walk up to 20 miles a week, now I have difficulty getting around the grocery store. (sigh)


At Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Kim wrote: >
>Thank you for all your replies below. Great food for thought.
>Now... How does everyone exercise with adhesions? Just carrying a heavy
>bag/purse/box aggrevates my adhesions. So does walking fast. I once
>tried to run on a treadmill and it was definitely not a pleasant
>experience. I got off after only a minute or two. Has anyone tried
>Yoga? Any other thoughts on exercising? Thanks, Kim.

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