Re: small bowel obstruction-Julie

From: Jill (
Fri Jan 11 10:55:49 2002

Sherry -

I believe I am currently experiencing small bowel problems, as my nausea, loss of appetite and diahrrea has been unrelenting now for almost two weeks, even with a modified diet of rice, toast, bananas etc.

I have had 3 c sections, and a hyst, at which time some dense adhesions were also removed. I have had MANY tests, all which have revealed nothing except some mild reflux. I had been referred to a surgeon, and my gp and gastro are recommending lap surgery, although I am not ready for that type of action at this point.

My question to you is, you mention in your post that 70% of obstructions can be resolved with conservative non surgical care. Please Sherry - what do you suggest for me at this point?

Many thanks,

Jill Humbert

At Thu, 10 Jan 2002, Sherry wrote: > >Julie, I am so sorry you are suffering, we all know the pain and >frustration adhesions cause. I have suffered from partial and full >blown bowel obstructions. The most common reason for bowel obstructions >is previous surgeries. Whenever the abdominal cavity is opened, there >is a possibility of adhesions.. The adhesions are a normal tissue >reaction to injury or decreased blood supply. The adhesions can attach >the bowel to the abdominal wall, liver, spleen or other structures. >Symptoms are pain, constipation, diarrhea, and sometimes obstruction. >The adhesions can completely block the bowel. You can also experience >abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite. About 70% of >obstructions will resolve with conservative, non-surgical care. >Unfortunately the only treatment for symptomatic adhesions is surgical >removal, which may compound the problem. You need a doctor who is >skilled at minimally invasive surgery and is knowledgeable about >adhesions and their related problems.There is excellent information >posted on the site regarding diet and bowel obstruction. I will pray >that you receive the help you so desperately need. Sherry

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