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From: Jo Eslick (
Fri Jan 11 01:20:05 2002

Dear Pat,

I am sorry that you have endured breast cancer only to be left struggling with the pain and frustration of adhesions.   That just doesn't seem fair at all, and I can understand th devistation and confusion you must be living with now.

Firstly, I urge you not to consider a surgical solution to your problems at this stage, I recommend that you read all of the information available via the IAS site as well as searching through the archives on the message board.  There are those who post on the board regularly that have bowel problems associated with adhesions, and each of them will be able to give you some advice based on their personal experience & perspective.

Many of us have different ways of coping with the symptoms you describe.  Some swear by a low residue diet, or one mostly including soft mushy types of food.  For me, I prefer high fibre, low fat.  I eat loads of fresh steamed vegies, skinless steamed chicken breast, tinned fish such as tuna & salmon I love fruit, fresh, tinned & dried... I also make sure I drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water per day.  I always have a glass of water on my bedside table too....

From the description of problems, I would hazard a guess (remember I am not a medical person, just an adhesion sufferer commenting based on my experiences) that you may have some adhesions around your bowel.  At this time the only real way of confirming that is a diagnostic laparoscopy.  Unforetnately it means another surgery, which could add to your existing adhesions.  It is a real catch 22 situation we are in isn't it.

I hope you visit us at the board often, we extend the hand of friendship, understanding & support to all. 

Love & gentle hugs

Jo (Australia)



>From: (pat)
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: Searching for Help
>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 17:50:17 -0600
>My name is Pat I had breast cancer six years ago After all the treatment
>I had a breast reconstruction called Tram Flap procedure this procedure
>required use of marlex or polypropelene mesh to close my abdomen. Now
>Iam tied in knots with adhesions all my tests are normal my bowels have
>problems moving bloating to nine month pregnant size I gained 40 pounds
>shortness of breathe Iam desperate because my doctor does not know what
>to do I am afraid there is nothing they can do but i cant take it much
>longer pleease write me back
> Sincerely Pat
> Jan.10/02

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