Kim from Jo

From: Jo Eslick (
Fri Jan 11 00:35:06 2002


You are having more surgery?  Why, who with & what are you having done?  I get so concerned when I read that someone is having surgery again, especially when you have had as many as you have!  Please I am not attacking you, just trying to show concern for you..... surely you can see from what has been said here on the board time & time again, surgery isn't the solution to adhesions and pain at this time...... will you do me a favour please?  Go back and re-read Karla's story... you know, the number of surgeries she mentions isn't the absolute total she has had..... but the ones she mentions are the ones that lead to the unstable position she now finds herself.  Every new day is a blessing to her, because her condition is now at a point where surgery is dangerous and possibly life threatening, not having surgery is just as dangerous for her.

Please, consider the consequences of yet another surgery carefully Kim, go back through the archives and look at all of those who announced in the last 12 months they were having THE surgery, the ONE that would make their pain less, or disappear, then look at how many are back here now, still experiencing the pain, in many cases worse pain and still have the restrictions on activities and how much they can participate in life.  Kim, I was one of them, in April last year I was confident that the surgery to remove my ovaries would be the answer.  Well, the truth is, I am actually worse off now than prior to that surgery & now I have the additional problems associated to instant menopause & trying to find the HRT treatment that is right for me.  In truth, the last 8 almost nine months have been hell.

If however Kim, after you have done that you still decide to go ahead with your surgery, I will pray that it does help you and I will keep you in my thoughts & I hope that you do manage to be in that 1% that seems to have a positive result.

Love & gentle hugs


>From: (kim)
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>Subject: Re: Chronic pelvic pain
>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 17:39:38 -0600
>At Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Donna wrote:
> >
> >I am having major problems finding a Dr. that will listen to me. I
> >have had 9 surjuries for ovarian cysts, ovary removal, caesarian, and
> >finally a hysterectomy. In August I started developing a constant
> >severe pain, CAT revealed nothing definately however one Dr. said it
> >appeared my bladder & bowel were out of place. Primary physician
> >believes this pain is caused by adhesions however I am having a time
> >getting a surgeon or gyn. to do anything except refer me to a pain
> >management clinic. I can't continue taking the pain med. indefinately.
> >(I don't think) Primary Dr. is reluctant to refill prescriptions. Pain
> >is unbearable at times and barely manageable with pain med at other
> >times. No one seems to want to help or even determine definately what
> >is causing the pain!! I am desperate and feel foolish constantly being
> >referred from one Dr. to another. I feel as though I am losing my
> >sanity over this problem. What am I missing here? Have been to major
> >hospital gyn and surgical clinics and have gotten nowhere to date. Is
> >there not relief for this problem?
>I know what youare going through,I have had 28 surgeries for the same problem and i go for another one on the 24th of january.the pain is really bad and very hard to get through each day.i have to be on pain medicine ,just so i can get out of bed each can email me and i will help you,as much as i can.

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