Re: Chronic pelvic pain

From: kim (
Thu Jan 10 16:37:20 2002

At Tue, 21 Nov 2000, Donna wrote: >
>I am having major problems finding a Dr. that will listen to me. I
>have had 9 surjuries for ovarian cysts, ovary removal, caesarian, and
>finally a hysterectomy. In August I started developing a constant
>severe pain, CAT revealed nothing definately however one Dr. said it
>appeared my bladder & bowel were out of place. Primary physician
>believes this pain is caused by adhesions however I am having a time
>getting a surgeon or gyn. to do anything except refer me to a pain
>management clinic. I can't continue taking the pain med. indefinately.
>(I don't think) Primary Dr. is reluctant to refill prescriptions. Pain
>is unbearable at times and barely manageable with pain med at other
>times. No one seems to want to help or even determine definately what
>is causing the pain!! I am desperate and feel foolish constantly being
>referred from one Dr. to another. I feel as though I am losing my
>sanity over this problem. What am I missing here? Have been to major
>hospital gyn and surgical clinics and have gotten nowhere to date. Is
>there not relief for this problem?

I know what youare going through,I have had 28 surgeries for the same problem and i go for another one on the 24th of january.the pain is really bad and very hard to get through each day.i have to be on pain medicine ,just so i can get out of bed each can email me and i will help you,as much as i can.

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