Re: To Lillian from Sally

Thu Jan 10 16:16:35 2002

Dearest Sally, No No needles.Noninvasive.Its like suction cups with sponges on them attached to the abdomen or wherever on the body and electrical impulses into the body sort of like a TENS unit but much stronger and it can reach deep in the body.In my case I make him up the power until I can feel the actual massaging inside.I am going to a PM clinic to get them but I could probably do it myself at home if I had the machine. It is put in such a fashion on my abdomen as to criss cross (X) in the center of my pain. And it did help now I haven't had any since last Friday and my pain is kicking and I haven't been able to get through to the clinic to see if they would do some more to give me releif. I bet they would if I could just get through to them.They told me they were swamped today so I have to waitfor the nurse to return my call. It might help some of you. They told me they use it with endo patients and it worked for them.Well I hope you can maybe find one near you. Love Lillian

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