Re: Codetron

From: Jayne (
Thu Jan 10 14:18:55 2002

I have just picked it up and sat down reading the small manual that came with it.

It looks rather complicated especially when it tells you not to put the electrodes on certain areas and I'm thinking I don't even know where these areas are. Looks like I'm going to have to do some lookups of body parts so I make sure the electrodes are put in the right place. *-)

As soon as I've had a go at it I'll let you know what happens. I didn't like the part where the manual says for benefical treatment the intensity has to be enough to give you a deep ache. My Fibromyalgia does that already. <grin>

Pity I can't use on my head for my migraines. But maybe if I can get my muscles treated it may relax me enough to reduce the headache severity and frequency.

Take care


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