Re: Codetron

From: Jayne (
Thu Jan 10 21:36:25 2002

Well, it's sitting here, I've read the small manual and now I'm trying to get the courage to use it.

Some of the downsides are a little unnerving like:

"The stimulus parameters should be adjusted to produce a deep, strong , and if possible, aching sensation at the attachment point of the electrodes."

"About 10% of patients have experienced some burning sensations even at low intensities."

"Output Intensity knobs are turned fully to the left to ensure that the patient does not accidently receive a shock."

Now I'm nervous about trying this out for the first time myself in case I get it all wrong so I may just use the script that Mark gave me which states that I would benefit from a trial of Codetron and how to use it because I have chronic back and bone pain. Is he admitting I do have chronic pain now and I wonder if this may be my segway to discussing adhesions with him?

I'm off to bed now because I am soooooo tired and will reply to all your emails tomorrow, OK?

Take care


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