welcome Julie

From: Jo Eslick (wallamara@hotmail.com)
Thu Jan 10 04:47:15 2002

Hi Julie,

Welcome to the board, it feels like a huge weight off your shoulders when you first come across this site doesn't it? 

I live in Bathurst NSW and have been posting messages and answering questions based on my own experiences since February 2001.  My story is on the quilt, and I invite you to read my story and then read as many others as you can.

I have also had 4 c-sections an appendectomy, hystorectomy & ovaries removed.  It is important that you educate yourself about adhesions and find a sympathetic doctor who understands pain caused by adhesions.  There are many doctors out there who don't believe that adhesions cause pain and fail to provide adequate pain relief and help to their patients.

I have no medical background but I have educated myself on adhesions, endometriosis and ways to cope with pain and the reduction in active participation in life.  I don't want to overload you with too much information in our first contact, but I urge you to think very carefully before agreeing to any further surgery.  I was relieved to read that you have already came to the conclusion that surgery = adhesions, and no-one wants to add to an already painful way of life!

I am very tired tonight & it is late, the last few days have been emotional and I am experiencing additional pain.  I will however write to you again soon and I will be happy to fill in any gaps in the information I am sure the other regular members of the board will give you.  You have found yourself a new and important family, we are here to listen, support, answer questions understand and offer advice based on our own experiences.  It is a major boost to know that you are not alone in your suffering and that there are indeed people who understand your pain, fear and frustration.

There are a few Aussies who visit the board, and Helen Gibson lives in the Perth area here is her email address: helengibson29@msn.com it always helps to know that there is someone who lives in the same state as you visiting and offering friendship via the IAS board.

love & gentle hugs


>From: "John and Julie McLaren"
>Reply-To: adhesions@adhesions.org
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Re: small bowel obstruction
>Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2002 01:00:21 -0600
>Hi There
>My name is Julie and I live in Western Australia.
>I dont know whether you will even get this message, but I am pretty desperate for any information you can give me regarding abdominal pain from adhesions.
>I have had four caesarean sections, a laparotomy from an ectopic pregnancy, a appendicectomy, I think you get the picture.
>I have had every test know to man kind, but they all come back clear. My Gastroenterologist thinks I suffer with sub acute bowel obstruction going by my history. The pain I experience is like child birth radiating from the right to left lower abdomen with occasional upper pain too. Surgery is not an option she said as it would cause more adhesions. I have had this now for nearly eight years and I am not coping with the pain very well.
>I would appreciate your comments please.
>Julie :)

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