Re: Pain relief - Jayne

Wed Jan 9 22:51:51 2002

Dear Jayne:

I know that you are not supposed to drive on pain medication, but the oxy doesn't make me sleepy or wacky or unable to drive, so I just drive while taking it. Just about everyone I know that has adhesions or other chronic pain and is taking the oxy are able to drive with no problems. If I couldn't take the oxy and drive my children would never be able to go anywhere as my husband works a lot and I have to do all the running with them. If I felt that I or my children were in any danger I definitely wouldn't drive, but I haven't run into any difficulty. I have experienced sleepiness on long drives when I have to drive 2 hours to VA, but the kids aren't with me. This is also another trip that I must drive and I must take the medication or I would be doubled over in pain. Luckily, I have a friend that goes with me now, and having someone to talk to helps keep me awake. I am not in anyway suggesting that you drive on your medication, but just telling you that I am able to drive safely on the medication that I am taking.



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