Re: Adhesions and Disability Act

From: Katrina (
Wed Jan 9 07:38:13 2002


I am in HR and have never heard of adhesions being a part of the ADA. I think that it is a VERY good idea though and I will try and do some research to find out what we have to do to be protected by the ADA. I hope your second surgery does the trick.

At Tue, 8 Jan 2002, Jim wrote: >
>Does anyone know if there is information on whether adhesions (and their
>related complications) has been used to classify anyone as "protected"
>by the Americans with Disabilties Act? Seems like it should as the
>associated chronic symptoms this condition creates are very similar in
>outcome to other devestating conditions that "subtstantially limit major
>life activities".
>On a personal note, had a second lap adhesiolysis in October 2001 in
>Scranton (first was in April 2001). Keeping my fingers crossed that
>this one will turn the trick!!
>Hope everyone is well!!


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