Welcome back Lisa!

From: Jo Eslick (wallamara@hotmail.com)
Mon Jan 7 20:18:02 2002

Hi Lisa,

It's great to have you back!  I'm OK, I spoke with my Gyno yesterday & I have just returned from having yet another ultrasound and a blood test *sigh*.  The word is spreading about my book!  The technician that was doing the ultrasound asked me about it, she had heard it from one of the other ladies that work there.

Good news is the cyst hasn't grown any more, so I don't have to go into hospital to have it drained...yipeee...but she found something else but of-course I will have to wait until I speak to my Gyno tomorrow morning before I find out what is happening there.

The ultrasound stirred everything up, but I have taken 2 oxycodone & I will rest after I finish answering all my email!  It gets more & more every day!  It is school holiday time here, so I have the four girls helping me with the housework which is nice, but they get so noisy!  LOL  Just a couple of weeks to go & they will be back to start a new school year.

Jessica & Katie are busy making a cubby house out of the big box our new fridge came in (the fridge died Christmas day! can you believe it *sigh* it was interesting trying to fit everything into a couple of borrowed bar fridges..... but we managed..LOL).  So they are painting it white at the moment and then when the pain dries they plan to draw all the details on with crayon....you know things like shutters & planter boxes under the windows...hehehe that should keep them busy for hours! (fingers crossed)

Well, I had better get to the rest of this mail so that I can have a rest...... great to have you back

Love & gentle hugs

Jo (Australia)

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