Re: The time between adhesion surgeries is getting smaller.

From: Lisa (
Mon Jan 7 07:51:14 2002

At Mon, 7 Jan 2002, wrote: >
>My name is Lillian. In June 2001 I had surgery where they removed about 6
>inches of small bowel using a mini Laparotomy and they used Suprafilm . They
>took down about 70 %of my adhesions and for 6 weeks I felt great. Then it all
>came right back. This was my 7th surgery in 11 years. I have opted to do what
>ever it takes to stay away from surgery especially after reading Karla Nygen
>story . I am taking Matrix Treatments through Pain Management and I have
>taken 6 in 2 weeks. The first 5 did nothing for me and I thought what a waste
>of time and money until great minds got together and used a different angle
>and it knocked my pain out for the past 3 days I have been doing things that
>I couldn't do in the past 2 years. I couldn't ride a lawnmower or handle
>lifting of any sort. I could barely go shopping or mop my house. I could
>barely bend to do Laundry. Intercourse was absolutely murder. My life was
>totally worthless as far as I could see. I could barely see I was walking in
>a cloud of doom. With all the pain meds I was disgusted. Now I am still on
>pain meds but i don't have any breakthrough pain so far. I am not swearing by
>this but I am saying it did me some good. My pain level was at 8 when we did
>one treatment then I left and it was still 8 I returned an hour later and we
>tried a different approach and it kicked my pain out completely and that was
>4 days ago and i am doing fine still. You may want to look into it.I wish you
>good result with whatever you do. Best wishes .

Lillian- what are Matrix Treatments?


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