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Sun Jan 6 21:10:23 2002

Dear Jayne: In reference to your second paragraph, I have found the same thing with certain medications. I asked the pharmacist about it and he said it is probably the way they are buffered when they are manufactured. Maybe this will explain one of the reasons you may have this problem. Dolores in Louisiana

Jayne wrote:

> Hi Cathy,
> Thanks for all this information. I take Tylenol 2's with codeine not the
> extra strength Tylenol as they do nothing for my pain at all.
> What I was confused about was how come 3 x Tylenol 2's with codeine are more
> beneficial than 2 x Tylenol 3's with codiene wouldn't it be the same dosage?
> I always watch to see how my bowel reacts to the codeine and I am always
> told to drink LOTS of water while taking it especially after pelvic surgery.
> I really don't think the codeine makes me constipated though.
> Actually my Tylenol 2's don't cost that much, about $14 a month (for 180)
> compared to about $8 (for 100) for regular extra strength. There really
> isn't that much difference in price if you go by quantity.
> Bye for now
> Take care
> Jayne

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> > At Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Jayne wrote:
> > >...and Tylenol 2's for pain has I need it
> > >(I actually take 3 at one time when it should be 2). For some reason
> which
> > >I can't understand Tylenol 3's don't work as affectively as Tylenol 2's,
> I
> > >really find that strange.
> >
> > I take 3 tylenols at a time, too. The pediatric doxe of tylenol scales
> > up from birth to about 100 lbs and is a straight 15mg of tylenol per kg
> > of body weight. Well, I weigh 225lb, which is just a hair over 100kg,
> > so if I scale up from the kids dose I should take 1500mg of tylenol --
> > which is 3 extra-strength tylenol. I have this constant battle with my
> > husband, because the bottle says that you should only take 2 at a time.
> > Sure, 2 at a time is the right amount if you weigh 150lb, and even a bit
> > of an overdose if you weigh 110lb, but at my weight I need more than
> > that! I use as my proof what happens if I get a fever. If I take 2
> > tylenol the fever will break about a half-hour later, and then it will
> > come back 2-1/2 hours after that and then I'll have to wait another
> > miserable hour for another dose. If I take 3, then the fever stays gone
> > for about 4.5 to 5 hours.
> >
> > The other question about the tylenol 3's -- I assume you mean the
> > combination of tylenol and codeine. They actually have mapped the gene
> > that determines this, and approx 30% of the population does not react to
> > codeine at all. I've always had to be very careful about constipation,
> > and talk about NO effect -- heck codeine doesn't even make ME
> > constipated LOL! Think of us as like cats: did you know that 20% of cats
> > are uneffected by catnip? I haven't had any definitive test showing
> > codeine insensitivity, but I'm pretty suspicious because tylenol 3
> > always acts on me according to the amount of tylenol in it. If you look
> > at the package insert it should tell you how many mg of each thing is in
> > each pill and then you can do the arithmetic -- and if codeine doesn't
> > have any effect on you then off course you should stick to just plain
> > tylenol. It's a heck of a lot safer, not to mention it's a lot cheaper!

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