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Mon Jan 7 11:26:43 2002

Well, here's another oddity for you.....I can take hydrocodone but not oxycodone.....both are codeine, but with a slightly different chemical mix! I also take Arthritis Strength Tylenol (625mgs.) for lighter pain and my doctor said 2 Arthritis Strength Tylenol = 1 Vicodin in strength and to keep that in mind if I felt I had to mix the two.

As for constipation, just give me coffee and a chocolate bar and I'm good to go! LOL.


At Sun, 6 Jan 2002, cathy:- wrote: >
>At Sun, 6 Jan 2002, Jayne wrote:
>>...and Tylenol 2's for pain has I need it
>>(I actually take 3 at one time when it should be 2). For some reason which
>>I can't understand Tylenol 3's don't work as affectively as Tylenol 2's, I
>>really find that strange.
>I take 3 tylenols at a time, too. The pediatric doxe of tylenol scales
>up from birth to about 100 lbs and is a straight 15mg of tylenol per kg
>of body weight. Well, I weigh 225lb, which is just a hair over 100kg,
>so if I scale up from the kids dose I should take 1500mg of tylenol --
>which is 3 extra-strength tylenol. I have this constant battle with my
>husband, because the bottle says that you should only take 2 at a time.
>Sure, 2 at a time is the right amount if you weigh 150lb, and even a bit
>of an overdose if you weigh 110lb, but at my weight I need more than
>that! I use as my proof what happens if I get a fever. If I take 2
>tylenol the fever will break about a half-hour later, and then it will
>come back 2-1/2 hours after that and then I'll have to wait another
>miserable hour for another dose. If I take 3, then the fever stays gone
>for about 4.5 to 5 hours.
>The other question about the tylenol 3's -- I assume you mean the
>combination of tylenol and codeine. They actually have mapped the gene
>that determines this, and approx 30% of the population does not react to
>codeine at all. I've always had to be very careful about constipation,
>and talk about NO effect -- heck codeine doesn't even make ME
>constipated LOL! Think of us as like cats: did you know that 20% of cats
>are uneffected by catnip? I haven't had any definitive test showing
>codeine insensitivity, but I'm pretty suspicious because tylenol 3
>always acts on me according to the amount of tylenol in it. If you look
>at the package insert it should tell you how many mg of each thing is in
>each pill and then you can do the arithmetic -- and if codeine doesn't
>have any effect on you then off course you should stick to just plain
>tylenol. It's a heck of a lot safer, not to mention it's a lot cheaper!
>cathy :-)

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