Helen C.- LETTER

From: Jean Long (creative@enter.net)
Sun Jan 6 17:25:36 2002

Helen C. The letter must be received by the 8th, so get it out today or tomorrow!

It is to try to enforce help for us through adhesion barriers, so you need to stress the need for this.

Just tell them your adhesion problems (not everything little detail), pains, the way doctors treated you, the surgeons lack of knowledge on adhesions and their prevention, the affect on your life, etc.

I wouldn't make it too lengthy like a book or long story or they may tire of reading it. Try to get to the point, not little details they are beneficial and they wouldn't care about anyway.

Good Luck (LOL)!! JEAN

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Dear IAS Friends:

Seems I have been away too long and am now seeing that there is a deadline to get a letter out regarding ARD. Darn, knew I had been away too long!!! I'm going to start reading on what I am supposed to do and get to typing as fast as I can. Sorry I have been away so long; just had so much to do with Christmas, New Years, cleaning up all the work that we put into the holidays, and then my body needed a long rest and I am now just getting back to feeling somewhat normal (as normal as an ARD sufferer can feel). Well, I need to get reading and typing - let's see today is the 6th. So I have two days to get the letter out? Or must it be received by the 8th? Sorry, I haven't even read what I am supposed to do yet, as I've just popped on for the first time in two weeks, but I want to help - believe me I want to help in anyway I can!!!!! I am sitting here in pain as I am typing with my right rib feeling as though a knife is digging into it, bu! t we must prevail.

Love to all,


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