Sun Jan 6 15:54:59 2002

Dear IAS Friends:

Seems I have been away too long and am now seeing that there is a deadline to get a letter out regarding ARD. Darn, knew I had been away too long!!! I'm going to start reading on what I am supposed to do and get to typing as fast as I can. Sorry I have been away so long; just had so much to do with Christmas, New Years, cleaning up all the work that we put into the holidays, and then my body needed a long rest and I am now just getting back to feeling somewhat normal (as normal as an ARD sufferer can feel). Well, I need to get reading and typing - let's see today is the 6th. So I have two days to get the letter out? Or must it be received by the 8th? Sorry, I haven't even read what I am supposed to do yet, as I've just popped on for the first time in two weeks, but I want to help - believe me I want to help in anyway I can!!!!! I am sitting here in pain as I am typing with my right rib feeling as though a knife is digging into it, but we must prevail.

Love to all,


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