To Jean from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Sat Jan 5 23:32:26 2002

Dearest Jean, Whenever,you tell me what you are going through, I feel humbled and silly with my stupid problems. And yes, I know, we're not supposed to compare pain, so I won't, so no lecture, o.k.? And a bone is just a bone, even if its recycled. Someone could be very happy that they were able to give you something valuable that you needed. Maybe that was the best thing that they had done ever and they would look down from heaven and feel that their life was worthwhile because they helped you. Think of it as an opportunity to let someone help you who may need to do that. And if I were you, I'd put my fears in writing to the doctor about the chance of infection so that there is no opportunity for him/her to misunderstand. It's really important considering all of the infections you are prone to for the doctor to REALLY understand.

I haven't downloaded the zip, waiting for Patty, my friend. to help. You once sent me an email on how to get on the msn chat room board?

Could you do it again. My computer deleted everything. Do you go there often? Is it worth it?

All my love and good thoughts. I know you can't travel half way across the country, but if you could, how about visiting me? Your friend, Sally

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