Re: Adhesions after rectocele repair.

From: Jayne (
Sat Jan 5 23:11:34 2002

Wow, you guys are great! I really appreciate the support I am getting here.

Thanks so much for all your tips Jo it really helps. I have replied to Sally with more information so I don't want to repeat what I wrote there but I do understand that more surgery will create more adhesions.

When I had my total knee replacement done and found that despite the intense physio. my knee would not bend I returned to the surgeon who performed the surgery. He was totally baffled with the situation but realized that adhesions had stuck my kneecap to the joint and because it couldn't glide then my knee wouldn't bend.

So I did have surgery to remove the scar tissue and after the surgery I was put on a CPM machine that bent my knee for me even while I was sleeping and for the first few weeks it was great my knee was bending but then the adhesions returned.

I was referred to the "top" orthopaedic surgeon and the first thing he did was to put me under and try to bend my knee whilst I was fully relaxed, he got no bend out of it all. The next surgery he did was an arthroscopy because it was less invasive and he didn't want to open the incision causing more adhesions (he was quite knowledgeable about adhesions actually). What he tried to do was to remove as much scar tissue as he could then inject Synvisc (a gel that can be injected into the joint to take the place of cartledge for arthritis sufferers) around the area in the hope that the adhesions would not stick.

It didn't work and he was genuinely upset because he really thought he could help me. He batted a few idea around with us and other surgeons but the outcome was not good. More surgery would cause more adhesions obviously so I was quitely told that short of amputation I would never be able to bend my knee again.

I corresponded with someone via this organization (I am actually on the quilt) who told me that he and I were in the 1% that this happened too so I guess we were just unlucky.

I am fortunate that my own family doctor is a personal friend and despite all my health problems he is always there for me. I have also built up a great repoire (can't spell) with all my other specialists so I do consider myself to very very fortunate to have this medical backup.

I live in Canada and have not had any problems with the health care system here either but I don't know of anyone who specializes in adhesions and the pain associated with them. Does anyone here know?

I do have a positive attitude most of the time, I need to have or I would just crumble but there are times when the pain gets too much and I scream at my family for no reason and cry endlessly but then that usually makes me feel much better and I can get on with the day. <grin>

Here I am rambling again so I shall sign off for now and look forward to participating in this forum more often now.

Take care


> Please arm yourself with knowledge, become familiar with the information available here on the adhesions web site and other sourses on the internet & even in your local library. Knowledge is power, I have said this often and allows you to make a better and more informed and confident decisions about your treatment. Something else to keep in mind too, is that a doctor works for you, after all, you pay a fee for his services and therefore you have a right to expect a satisfactory result from his treatment. > > Each additional surgery you have has the potential of causing new adhesions increasing your already existing pain and problems. It is therefore wise to be sure that if further surgery is required you find a surgeon who is skilled and experienced in dealing with adhesions and who also believes that adhesions do cause PAIN! > > Ask as many questions as you need, we are here to help you through our own personal experiences. I am not a medical person, just simply a fellow adhesions sufferer who wants to stop others from following the same road to destruction of a full and active life. >

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