Re: Adhesions after rectocele repair.Jayne from Sally

From: Jayne (
Sat Jan 5 22:48:57 2002

Hi Sally,

Thanks for your reply I appreciate it.

By rectocele repair I mean my bulging rectum was fixed. Is that the right terminology? *-)

I am busy surfing right now trying to find more info. (thanks for your tip on reading Helen's articles) because I also forgot to mention that I still have dreadful pain in the area my gall bladder was removed and this new vaginal/bowel problem is causing a lot of pain during intercourse. My poor husband is getting withdrawal symptoms. *-)

Another problem I have is two years ago I had emergency ureterocele surgery because apparently where my ureters entered my bladder I had large sacs of kidney stones where there should have been just "dimples". The stones were in both my ureters and in my kidneys which caused my urine to backup into my kidneys. I had stendt (stindt?) put in for two weeks which was like hell on earth but had to be done I guess.

So the problem I have now is the pain in my right side, underneath my ribcage and radiating to my back could be kidney stones, adhesions from the large amount of surgeries I have had (possibly the gall bladder removal because of the area the pain is in) or Fibromyalgia and I am confused as 'eck trying to figure out which is it so I don't bug too many doctors.

It feels like no part of my body has been left alone when it comes to adhesions and along with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis I am constantly in pain as you can probably imagine. Some of the time I can "tune" out the pain but when I start to relax (well try to) or try to get to sleep at night the pain really hits me and there's nothing to take my mind off it.

I take Vioxx for my arthritis (only 25mg per day because of my kidney problem), Pantaloc for my heartburn and Tylenol 2's for pain has I need it (I actually take 3 at one time when it should be 2). For some reason which I can't understand Tylenol 3's don't work as affectively as Tylenol 2's, I really find that strange. I don't take any medication for my Fibromyalgia because the knock me out and I can't function. I used to take Elavil though.

Are there other painkillers I should consider that may be more affective than Tylenol 2's?

Anyway, I'm writing a book again so I shall sign off for now. Thanks again for your support.

Take care


> Dear Jayne, welcome to the board. Yes, your problem could be from > adhesions? What is a rectocele repair? Operations seem to cause adhesions, > so please don't go get an operation to cure your adhesions unless you have > an adhesion expert advise it, and there are only a few in the whole world. > Basically every operation you have had has caused you to have adhesions. > Please go to the adhesions site, and read old e-mails and > articles and the quilt especially and things that Helen Dynda has sent in. > They are all really helpfull. Most of us here on the board live with > constant pain, we take pain medication and try to live as normal a life as > we can, but its not easy. It is better knowing that you have friends who > know what it is like. Take care, please write back, Sally from California > Coastal wilderness. > > > I forgot to mention that during the surgery performed in October 2000 my > > right fallopian tube was removed due to it being "full of adhesions". > > > > Jayne

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