Re: Hello to All

From: Jo Eslick (
Fri Jan 4 14:44:01 2002

Hey Nancy Pancy!

Ya forgot about me!    I'm guessing it was a clerical error due to da**d frustration over computers who wanna grow minds of their own....hehehehe

I was starting to worry about you!  I was on line on & off over Christmas ready for one of our long chats to find no Nancy!

I hope puty problems are sorted out soon, I am in withdrawal from spending time with you.....

loves ya, say hi to Shawn for me

love & gentle hugs


>From: "Nancy E. Hale"
>To: Multiple recipients of list ADHESIONS
>Subject: Hello to All
>Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 17:00:25 -0600
>Hello Ladies:
>This is another of my famous group posts, as I'm having computer
>and don't know how long it will run this time before it shuts down.
>been working on the da**ed thing for a solid week, and right now I
>strongly thinking about going back to Win 95....
>Sally: It was so nice to talk with you Christmas night. You had
>been on
>my mind all day, and I just had to call. As soon as I can stop
>technician, I'll get to work on your little goodie. Better late
>than never.
>Chrissy: I got your card. Thank you for the poem. It is going up
>on my
>fridge with a magnet where I can see it every day.
>Rose: Same to you Sweetie. Your poem goes right beside Chrissy's.
>Thank you.
>Tracey: I don't know that I would be of any help to you as I am a
>"foreigner". Please let me know.
>Clare: Hope your holiday was good. We had a wonderful time, in
>spite of a
>lack of snow and serious pain, including a 5-day visit with my
>daughter and
>my grandson! Things are back to normal in that area of my life, so
>now I can be more supportive here on the board.
>Jean: I love the pics of Tasha, and I've saved all of them. Thank
>you for
>including me.
>Jeanne R.: Got your postcard and hope to be able to write you
>real soon.
>Millie: I got your card too. I'm working on getting back up to
>speed. Miss you and Ed and our chats.
>Karla: I bet anything you are reading the board, even if you have
>back for a breather. Thank you for including me in your posts of
>jokes and
>such. Love you!
>Marianne: Hope you had a wonderful Christmas in Arizona. I got
>your card
>and Millie's on the same day.
>To all the newcomers: Welcome. You will find a wealth of love and
>and information on this site. You may also come to feel (like I and
>many others have) that you have found your sanity here. There is
>someone to listen.
>One of the bright spots of my season was being able to show off my
>from all over the continent, saying "These are my friends, the
>people who
>understand my pain." I hope that each and every one of you found
>some tiny
>little thing in the season to bring you hope for a resolution to our
>problems. Gentle pain-free hugs, and high hopes for the new year.
>Nancy in NB
>ICQ 9683431

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