Hello to All

From: Nancy E. Hale (nanny@nbnet.nb.ca)
Thu Jan 3 15:59:50 2002

Hello Ladies:

This is another of my famous group posts, as I'm having computer problems, and don't know how long it will run this time before it shuts down. I've been working on the da**ed thing for a solid week, and right now I am strongly thinking about going back to Win 95....

Sally: It was so nice to talk with you Christmas night. You had been on my mind all day, and I just had to call. As soon as I can stop playing technician, I'll get to work on your little goodie. Better late than never.

Chrissy: I got your card. Thank you for the poem. It is going up on my fridge with a magnet where I can see it every day.

Rose: Same to you Sweetie. Your poem goes right beside Chrissy's. Thank you.

Tracey: I don't know that I would be of any help to you as I am a "foreigner". Please let me know.

Clare: Hope your holiday was good. We had a wonderful time, in spite of a lack of snow and serious pain, including a 5-day visit with my daughter and my grandson! Things are back to normal in that area of my life, so maybe now I can be more supportive here on the board.

Jean: I love the pics of Tasha, and I've saved all of them. Thank you for including me.

Jeanne R.: Got your postcard and hope to be able to write you personally real soon.

Millie: I got your card too. I'm working on getting back up to speed. Miss you and Ed and our chats.

Karla: I bet anything you are reading the board, even if you have drawn back for a breather. Thank you for including me in your posts of jokes and such. Love you!

Marianne: Hope you had a wonderful Christmas in Arizona. I got your card and Millie's on the same day.

To all the newcomers: Welcome. You will find a wealth of love and support and information on this site. You may also come to feel (like I and so many others have) that you have found your sanity here. There is always someone to listen.

One of the bright spots of my season was being able to show off my cards from all over the continent, saying "These are my friends, the people who understand my pain." I hope that each and every one of you found some tiny little thing in the season to bring you hope for a resolution to our joint problems. Gentle pain-free hugs, and high hopes for the new year.


Nancy in NB

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