Re: I'm so upset!

From: dtouch (
Fri Jan 4 07:16:27 2002

Dear J&L Vermey: Join the crowd. My whole family has basically abandoned me because externally I look well but I am very ill inside and they can't seem to understand hos difficult it is to function. My mother is basically my only supoport system and she's 88 years old but understands completely. We have both been registered nurses for many years. So don't feel alone. I think a lot of us are going through the same thing. Dolores in Louisiana

J&L VERMEY wrote:

> I'm so upset! I've been sending my family information pertaining to my
> illness, and to do with chronic pain - as their support, frankly put,
> really SUX! Their response: "Please don't send anymore - we're too
> busy to read it." In other words - THEY CAN'T BE BOTHERED!!!! I give
> up! I totally give up! I'm never going to receive the support I wish I
> could get from them - I really feel my family doesn't give a damn! I'm
> feeling SOOOOO HURT! They don't understand, they don't want to
> understand! I'm really starting to hate and disrespect my family -
> they claim to be Christians - and always act so "holy", but when it
> comes to supporting their daughter and sister - I only get preached
> at! I only get criticised, negative criticism, never positive. They're
> so involved in living their own life's that they NEVER consider what I
> am going through? They don't give a stuff about the fact that day in
> day out I am in so much pain that I can't think straight, that often I
> go around feeling like I have to vomit, that often I can't eat
> anything for days! When they see what a mess my home is in I'm accused
> of being lazy. I'm always being accused of the fact that I'm not a
> good wife - that I don't provide John with enough support - that I
> don't always cook the evening meal. I get asked so often the question
> "when are you going to lose some weight?" - as if they are so
> perfect! I don't know for how much longer I can put up with that kind
> of support! I am so close to cutting ALL CONTACT with my family - and
> to think STUFF THEM! I try and try and try. But they shoot me down
> whenever they can. They are always letting me down. Who needs family
> like that? I need them like I need a hole in my head!!! I can't stop
> crying... And I was feeling so optimistic this morning. Now all I can
> feel is my pain. And John is out of the office for a couple of hours -
> so I can't talk to him! Lin

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