Re: Looks like everyone is busy!

From: clare (
Fri Jan 4 06:34:15 2002

Hi Kfrog:

I haven't been officially diagnosed either, but yes, I have days when I am very ill and the pain is difficult to deal with, and other times I feel pretty good. Sometimes, such as lately, the pain is tolerable but I have nausea which is distracting....

I am currently experimenting with my diet to see if eating very small amounts helps with the pain - so far so good, but as I say this is just an experiment. I had what I (and my doctors) believed was a partial bowel obstruction, and I got through it by going on a liquid only diet. I will let you know if my "less is more" diet works.

Welcome to the board, and please feel free to ask any questions that you may have. Hopefully one of the people on this forum with more knowledge than I have will be able to answer you more accurately than I have. I hope this helps.



At Mon, 31 Dec 2001, kfrog wrote: > >Hi, Everybody! > >> It appears that you are all busy, and I want to let you all know I hope >> you all have a VERY safe and Happy New Year! > >I, too, wish to say Happy New Year to my new group! > >I have not been officially diagnosed, waiting for the CAT scan, but >everyone's symptoms here sure hit home! I have been on six laxatives a day, >per my doctor, for three weeks now. Talk about staying around the house LOL! > >Tell me, if you will...if you have adhesions or chronic pelvic pain, are >there some days when you want to curl up and die and others when you feel >pretty good? I am so curious! > >Thanks much! > >Kay in Campbell, CA


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