Re: To Jo from Sally

From: Jo Eslick (
Tue Jan 1 20:02:15 2002

Hi Sally

Thanks for the new year wishes.  I am glad that the drought is over for you, it is always a dreadful time for everyone and everything... plants, animals & people!  The photo's on your web site are so lush and green it makes it hard to imagine what it looks like during a drought.

I want to salute your husband for his volunteer work, without brave people like him the many lives  that have been saved could just as easily have been a tragedy.  I think I agree too, scooting down the side of a cliff to rescue that poor girl sounds about the best time.... not being able to see how far down the cliff actually goes!

The weather has held off for a few days which has allowed the SES (State Emergancy Services) which includes the volunteer bushfire units have managed to do a lot of back burning and also managed to use bull dozers to make fire breaks.  The fires have managed to jump some of the conytainment lines as the weather has deteriorated and we are experiencing very strong westerly winds and there is no rain forcast for at least the next 5 to 10 days.  We had a few thunder storms yesterday & the day before which added lightening strikes to the already dangerous situation.  Thankfully no homes have been lost since Christmas Day, so everyone is praying that all the preperation work has helped ensure no more will be lost.

Shane LOVED Lord of the Rings when he read it years ago, and our eldest daughter discovered the story and has read most of Tolkins works now.  Her Christmas presents from us included two tickets to the Premier at our local cinema complex as well as the beautiful book full of photographs taken during the production of the movie.  We also gave her a collectors edition of the Hobit, so for once we made good choices for her!  LOL  She came home from the movie buzzing with excitement  but didn't give too much away because she knows that we want to go and see it ourselves.  What struck her was how close the movie was to the way she imagined characters and certain objects from the story would look.  Emma is a very talented drawer and has done some very beautiful sketches based on her interpritation.  Shane & I plan to have them professionally framed for her next birthday.

I hope we catch up again soon on ICQ, love & gentle hugs my friend

Jo (Australia)

>From: "Sally Grigg"
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>Subject: To Jo from Sally
>Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 20:19:49 -0600
>Dearest Jo, I'm so sorry about all the fires. I know its very scarey. My husband is a volunteer fireman and he has his own truck because we're in such a remote area, he can have the fire out fast, which is important. The last fire we had, and we had a drought up until three months ago, he put the fire out all by himself with his old truck, which he rebuilt. We have lots of water because of the Creek. I prayed for rain, and now its rained everyday almost for two months. The drought is over. That makes the pastures green and the fire danger low, which is good.
> Everytime my husband goes on a call, I worry. Sometimes, I have to get involved and than do all kinds of things I never thought I could. But when someones life is in danger, you do what you have to, even if it hurts like He**.He rappelled down a 600 foot cliff and brought up a young girl in the middle of the night from a small ledge on a cliff nearby. He said it was a good thing it was dark, because he wasn't afraid; he couldn't really see where he was. But he made it and saved the girl's life. She hung on him so tight at first until he could get her strapped into place that she almost choked him to death. That was last year.
>Happy New Year to you. We went to see Lord of the Rings. I read the books years ago, but it is definitely not a children's story, so much violence and scarey stuff. But it was fun to go to the movies. I hope its a good omen for the new year - getting out and doing things, instead of laying in bed moaning. Love, Sally

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