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Tue Jan 1 17:41:47 2002


What herbs are you taking. Just curious!


At Tue, 1 Jan 2002, joanne Thorpe wrote: >
>Hi to all my old friends,
>I must apologize for not writing for so long. It feels so good to read
>your postings and know that I am not alone. As many of you recall, I
>went to Germany in April, 2001 for my second surgery (in Germany)for an
>entrapped nerve and adhesions. I do believe that the adhesions are gone
>now but as the nerve heals ( it is at the top of the vaginal wall) and
>scars over, the pain slowly returns. I have been fighting this thing
>for 4 years now and with each surgery, the pain decreases by about 50%.
>But, I still remain on 2 to 3 Methadones a day and I hate it. I was
>thinking that I didn't belong on this sight with my adhesions being gone
>but the nerve is also a form of scar tissue and as I read your postings,
>I know that it is the same thing. Pain and suffering.
>I will never give up hope however and refuse to live the rest of my life
>like this. But I know one thing for sure. NO MORE SURGERIES! I still
>fight every day to gain my strength back from all my surgeries. I
>started on some herbs in August and have been detoxing my body for all
>these months. I gave up sugar, dairy, white flour, and am working on
>giving up meat. I actually got a job after 4 years of disablility and I
>am caretaking the elderly. I love it so much. It makes me feel so good
>to get my mind off myself and focus on others that have it worse than I
>do. Although sometimes I feel like they have better health than me.
>My hope for 2002 is to continue on these wonderful herbs and fill my
>body with all the good things of the earth in hopes that my body will
>regenerate itself. And I am also looking into getting a morphine pump
>put in. I refuse to stay on these pain meds! I am so scared about what
>the long term effect will be. With love to all. I pray that we all
>find peace and hope this year!
>With love, Joanne

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