A New Year

From: joanne Thorpe (artdesigner2@hotmail.com)
Tue Jan 1 10:35:31 2002

Hi to all my old friends, I must apologize for not writing for so long. It feels so good to read your postings and know that I am not alone. As many of you recall, I went to Germany in April, 2001 for my second surgery (in Germany)for an entrapped nerve and adhesions. I do believe that the adhesions are gone now but as the nerve heals ( it is at the top of the vaginal wall) and scars over, the pain slowly returns. I have been fighting this thing for 4 years now and with each surgery, the pain decreases by about 50%. But, I still remain on 2 to 3 Methadones a day and I hate it. I was thinking that I didn't belong on this sight with my adhesions being gone but the nerve is also a form of scar tissue and as I read your postings, I know that it is the same thing. Pain and suffering. I will never give up hope however and refuse to live the rest of my life like this. But I know one thing for sure. NO MORE SURGERIES! I still fight every day to gain my strength back from all my surgeries. I started on some herbs in August and have been detoxing my body for all these months. I gave up sugar, dairy, white flour, and am working on giving up meat. I actually got a job after 4 years of disablility and I am caretaking the elderly. I love it so much. It makes me feel so good to get my mind off myself and focus on others that have it worse than I do. Although sometimes I feel like they have better health than me. My hope for 2002 is to continue on these wonderful herbs and fill my body with all the good things of the earth in hopes that my body will regenerate itself. And I am also looking into getting a morphine pump put in. I refuse to stay on these pain meds! I am so scared about what the long term effect will be. With love to all. I pray that we all find peace and hope this year!

With love, Joanne

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