HEALTH PROFESSIONALS...Let Your Voice Be Heard!!

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Mon Dec 31 23:32:46 2001


December 22, 2001 7:22 PM Dear Health Professionals,

Do you have patients, who have said that they are suffering from chronic, debilitating pain; BUT their diagnostic tests are continually negative or normal? It is very possible that these people could be suffering from adhesions (scar tissue)!! A diagnostic laparoscopy is the only way that adhesions can be diagnosed!!. As a Health Professional:

...Have you had experience coding surgical procedures and understand the importance of accurate and easy-to-use codes for significant procedures? ...Have you experienced frustrations by your patients, who continue to experience pain from adhesions or adhesions related complications?

NOW - you have a chance to help change all of that.

HOW? By petitioning the US Government to collect data on the significant surgical procedure known as:


This will be done by the creation of an ICD-9-CM code. These codes, used by physicians, are the government's means of tracking important procedures. This data is used for many things including decisions about funding research.

The existence of a code for: "APPLICATION OF AN ADHESION BARRIER for PREVENTION of ADHESIONS" will enable the government as well as researchers to understand the magnitude of the problem and the need for the expanded use of adhesion barriers and increased funding for research in the prevention and treatment of Adhesion Related Disorder (ARD).

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) are considering a proposal to add an ICD-9-CM code for the application of adhesion barriers.

They want to hear from patients and health professionals about the necessity for this code.

NOW is the time for YOU to respond with your comments. Let your voice be heard!!

Your comments will provide evidence that procedures for preventing adhesions should be considered significant procedures that require an ICD-9-CM code.

You Can Help!

The government has set up a dedicated email address just for this project. If you have a story to tell that describes any of these issues and highlights the need for more understanding about the use of adhesion barriers.....PLEASE:

* Email your comments to: IPPSNEWTECH@CMS.HHS.GOV

* Please send a copy to the IAS at:

* Place "Adhesion Barrier Comments" in the subject line.

* Send your comments by January 8, 2002

It is important that your comments are received by this date, because comments received after this date will not be considered. Unfortunately, the CMS will not be able to acknowledge receipt of the comments. Representatives of the CMS admittedly regret this, but due to the configuration of the email system, they are unable to generate an external automated response.

Thank you for your input and your efforts on this important issue.


David Wiseman Ph.D., M.R.Pharm.S. Founder, International Adhesions Society (IAS)

If you would like more information on adhesions or have additional questions, please visit the International Adhesions Society at .

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