Re: To Colette from Sally

From: Colette (
Fri Aug 31 18:35:09 2001

Sally thank you and yes i do have bible i that is a very good idea! I need all the strenght i can get! I had a very bad night last night i was in so much pain my stomach hurt so bad then the pain in my rear down my legs i could hardly walk and sleep deprived! Thank you your soo sweet i will pray for you too tonight! Love ya colette >
>Dear Colette, I'm so very sorry for you and your family. I know that losing
>your father and watching him die is awfully hard. Mine died seven years ago
>and I still miss him. I don't know what a G-tube is, but if you have a Bible
>and are so inclined, the 23rd Psalm is really nice. And if you're not into
>that, I'm sorry for intruding. It just helped me to read from the Bible at the
>end at his bedside. Or any religion that you are, maybe even poetry. Something
>to ease the pain and help with your thoughts.
>Any decision that you make will be the right one because you will make it with
>love. Thats all you can do is do your best. My thoughts are with you. Love,

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