to JO- From Colette

From: Colette (
Fri Aug 31 18:30:10 2001

Ok yes i do have power of attorney for now! So i was told! My dad is in Las vegas Nevada! I'm in Tempe AZ! So its like this he is suppose to have a state gaurdian but it has'nt gone through court yet so there for i'm next of kin thats why i make the decision! I called his nurse today! He cannot speak to me cause he does'nt know where he is at! he has dimensiea! He has in the past tried to kill himself before by eating plastic forks, anything not eatable! His will to live is gone he is not mentally whom he used to be! I soo want to be there for him but my hubby thinks its better right now with my health issues not to be with him too much stress! I feel so guilty! My dad worshipped the ground i walked on he did everything for me! And i can't do much for him! As far as the G-tube its inserted into his stomach to give him nutrients but i know he does want it and he'll just pull it out i know deep down he wants to die and the right thig would be to say yes put the tube in but on the other hand i really want to say no let him go in peace he's tired and mentally not there! well the going to call and i'll talk to him about it more! On the other hand i had a really bad night last night i was in so much pain i cried i bet the stress did that so not much sleep and back to not eating but on the good note i did make dr aptt w/my family doc. for this wens just so that i could maybe get something to help me over this little hump!! Thank you so much for your prayers! Love ya Jo! Bye for now Colette

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