From: Marianne Bolding (ojowojo@yahoo.com)
Fri Aug 31 03:40:49 2001

Janet, O.K... Look in a mirror In a sexy Italian or French voice say... "ZJU sexzee mamma zju!!" Wink @ yourself, smile... and laugh hysterically. Now say... "Zju still got eit, Babee!!" Now, Laugh hysterically again.

The key to this... Nothing!!! Just wanted to make you do it! HA HA No I'm just kidding....

really the key to this is.... take that laughter on your date with you. Just have fun... And never make a date...a "date". It's a "friend you're getting to know." Helps with the nerves...if you're nervous at all. (Dating used to make me a pile of nerves-laughter always helps).

Feel well, Good Luck, and have fun. Love, Marianne


Marianne Bolding
"Nature Belongs to the Eyes That See It"

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