I've Got Something Weird Going On...

From: Lesa (toddnlesa@aol.com)
Thu Aug 30 22:30:50 2001

Hello Everyone, The last couple of days I've been having some pain in a new area. I've got about a thirteen inch scar going from about two inches above where my belly buttion used to be down to the lowest part possible below. Last night I went to massage the area or something because it hurt and I have a noticable bulge on the side of my scar that never has been there before. It feels hard like scar tissue and throbs and is also really tender to the touch. I can't imagine what it could be. Any ideas? I hate going to the doctor for every little thing and I thought I'd wait until I see the pain management doctor next Thursday. If anyone has had something like this I'd sure be interested in knowing. Love to all, Lesa

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