Re: ok i really need your help my dad is dying this is soo hard please read!!!

From: Jenny (
Thu Aug 30 17:42:08 2001

Hey Colette,

I am sorry to hear about your dad. I know we have been sending forwards and not been able to actually email. Is your dad up and around, or is he in bed and not really aware of his surroundings? A G-Tube is a Gastric Tube. The surgically make an incision through the abdomen and place the feeding tube directly into the stomach. They are able to receive nourishment that way. There are people who can later have these removed and are able to begin to eat food. If your father is not able to eat on his own, these are great to be able to provide the body with proper nourishment using something like Ensure. In cases some cases that is what can keep a person alive. I hope this helps and doesn't offend anyone reading this. I am praying for peace and comfort for you and help in making this decision.

Love, Jenny At Thu, 30 Aug 2001, Colette wrote: >
>I know this is an adhesion board! i got a phone call today about my dad!
>Boy am i confused! He needs a G-tube?? I know its a feeding tube of
>sorts! Gosh i feel so guilty my dad is in st. rose hospital in NV and
>i'm in AZ and i can't do a thing for him! But i have to make decision
>about the g-tube which i'm waiting for a phone call from the dr.
>Just when i thought i was doing a little better1 Now i just think about
>it i start to water! Could someone let me know what a g-tube is?? I hate
>to ask but you guys are better than doc. I'm sorry i know i should
>stick to the subject but i need your help i don't know how to do this ?
>my mom is no help i called his brothers they are no help either! So i'm
>on my own with this huge decision and i have no one else to teurn too!
>What if i make the wrong decision? ok now i'm falling apart!
> Love you guys
> Colette

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