Re: Problems get worse

From: Millie (
Wed Aug 29 18:03:05 2001

Toni, I cannot tolerate enemas, either. They don't work. I had to take one prior to a laparoscopy in 1999. I had the same problem as you did with it. I'd rather take a laxative, instead, but I don't even like them. Hope you're feeling lots better real soon. Millie

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> I still have not been able to go, and had to try a Fleet enema, and
> could hardly get the stuff in. After getting some of it in, my bowels
> really have not moved yet! Just the water game back out, and very little
> stool! The pain is getting to me today, it hurts to bend or walk, and if
> I take the oxycontin, we all know that makes the bowels harder to go! I
> sort of worry about the fact the saline did not want to go in, and that
> I still did not go! I guess I will try MORE senekot tonight, and go buy
> me some prune juice tonight! Hope for the morning, it just gets on my
> nerves to be stuck in here for THREE days not knowing if they are going
> to open up! I should have called the dr after all those laxatives, but
> they do NOTHING for me anyway! GETS DISCOURAGING!!!! I hope this is not
> signs of PARTIAL obstruction! It sure hurts me alot today!!

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