Problems get worse

From: toni welsh (
Wed Aug 29 17:44:58 2001

I still have not been able to go, and had to try a Fleet enema, and could hardly get the stuff in. After getting some of it in, my bowels really have not moved yet! Just the water game back out, and very little stool! The pain is getting to me today, it hurts to bend or walk, and if I take the oxycontin, we all know that makes the bowels harder to go! I sort of worry about the fact the saline did not want to go in, and that I still did not go! I guess I will try MORE senekot tonight, and go buy me some prune juice tonight! Hope for the morning, it just gets on my nerves to be stuck in here for THREE days not knowing if they are going to open up! I should have called the dr after all those laxatives, but they do NOTHING for me anyway! GETS DISCOURAGING!!!! I hope this is not signs of PARTIAL obstruction! It sure hurts me alot today!! TONI

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