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From: Marianne Bolding (
Wed Aug 29 13:21:26 2001

Having just had the same issues, before my employer laid me off...I can honestly tell you...there is probably nothing that you can do to put sensitivity in the people you work with. And, furthermore, if you explain ARD to the fullest extent of the pain...they may see you as a future unreliable employee. Someone who will be strick with pain at any time...thus, effecting your job. It seems the more info. I shared with people the weaker they saw me as being a productive employee. If I were to go backwards...I would not volunteer so much information about my medical issues. I would also get a note from my doctor stating that the first few weeks after surgery I will be limited on physical capabilities, such as "moderate" walking..avoiding excessiveness. (Tell your doctor that they are trying to get you to move and lift file boxes...he'll write you one). We'd like to think that people you spend over 40 hrs. a week with (which is more than our own families alot of time)...are like friends. But, they aren't always. They are merely business associates. Treat them as such, if they can't have sympathy in their hearts that they can show understanding for a fellow work-mate. Don't be rude or have a bad attitude....just know that in business we are almost all dispensible and replaceable. If you give someone an inch, they'll take a mile. Just do what you can within your job description...and the things you can't...get your doctor note to let them know where you stand...maybe they'll ask questions then. I even brought in my post-operative report to them...this was helpful...until I told them the doc said I'd have an 80% chance of re-occurence and another surgery. The word un-reliable must have popped into their heads and they felt they'd better eliminate my position to avoid further disruptions to their running their business. This is all based upon my experience I had in the past month. Seems sometimes honesty is not the best policy. Protecting yourself is the best policy you can have. CYB (Cover Your Butt). Good Luck! Marianne Bolding --- Cheryl <> wrote: > I was curious if anyone is having the same problem
> as I am. I just had
> my 6th laporoscopy for endometriosis, scar tissue,
> yada yada yada on the
> 17th. I worked half days (or tried to) that
> following week only to
> receive grief from my co-workers. They didn't do
> one thing for me while
> I was gone, and since I've been back, they have been
> quite demanding on
> my time and very irritable. I get tired so fast and
> am still a little
> sore. Not to be a titty baby, but I am not my self
> yet. I'm in
> property management and it requires quite a bit of
> ups and downs and
> walking. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could
> say to them to help
> them understand that I didn't go have my hair cut, I
> had my insides
> zapped with a lasor and had my stomach slit in 4
> places! Also, am I the
> only one this cranky afterwards? Just curious.
> Thanks for listening
> Cheryl


Marianne Bolding
"Nature Belongs to the Eyes That See It"

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