no sympathy

From: Cheryl (
Tue Aug 28 15:53:11 2001

I was curious if anyone is having the same problem as I am. I just had my 6th laporoscopy for endometriosis, scar tissue, yada yada yada on the 17th. I worked half days (or tried to) that following week only to receive grief from my co-workers. They didn't do one thing for me while I was gone, and since I've been back, they have been quite demanding on my time and very irritable. I get tired so fast and am still a little sore. Not to be a titty baby, but I am not my self yet. I'm in property management and it requires quite a bit of ups and downs and walking. Does anyone have any ideas on what I could say to them to help them understand that I didn't go have my hair cut, I had my insides zapped with a lasor and had my stomach slit in 4 places! Also, am I the only one this cranky afterwards? Just curious.

Thanks for listening Cheryl

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