Re: surgery

Wed Aug 29 00:34:05 2001

Dear Kris,

Even a person with 1 abdominal surgery runs the risk of a bowel obstruction, then with each new surgery, I would guess the risk becomes greater.

If I were in you shoes I would try to determine at this point with ARD/quality of life, how much does the possible benefit outweigh the very real risks of surgery.

You may want to visit an acupuncturist and alternative healthcare before you come to your final decsions, acupucture could likely help you with your diahrreah, but if you have a smorgessboard of symptoms and pain, surgery could be your best bet.

If you decided to go the alternative healthcare approach, I would still reccomment lining up a doc you trust incase of a blockage/ER surgery.

If you decide surgery is definatel the way you want to go, I would reccommend you pick one that specializes in adhesions...I'd be happy to send you some info on this topic, just send me a private e-mail request.



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