Re: surgery

Tue Aug 28 21:19:05 2001

Kris... Hello! I am way to familiar with the NG NG Tube is a tube that goes down your nose and into your is attached to a vacuum pump that pumps out your stomach contents so you don't vomit. They do not hurt but do kind of bug you. It's really no big deal. Surgery, however, is. You say it's been seven years since your last surgery, that's a pretty long time. I had a total hysterctomy in 1987 and had several surgeries after that for lysis of adhesions. It's a scary thing to have to do but if you are in pain and can't have intercourse (that's a biggie!) I would definately strongly consider doing whatever it takes to make you better. I'll be thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers. Take care of yourself. Love, Lesa

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