Re: surgery Kris from Sally

From: Sally Grigg (
Tue Aug 28 15:15:35 2001

Dear Kris, Glad to hear from you. It does sound like its time to have a laproscopic surgery. I sincerely hope you don't have to have an open cut surgery. I had a laproscopic surgery on June 28th, and felt better for awhile, but now I'm either in pain or in denial I'm in pain. It can't really be happening all over again. Yes, I know it can, but its not fair, and yes, I know, life is not fair.

You've had a lot of surgeries and scopes already, so you can probably know yourself what you should do. I would never have another surgery except for this bowel obstruction problem. There's no way of knowing if you will have problems if you don't have the surgery. Are you impacted Now? Do you have normal B.M.s ?

I'm sorry to be so personal, but those questions and their answers are important. Please write back. Love, Sally


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