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From: Nancy E. Hale (
Tue Aug 28 14:49:03 2001

Okay everyone, here we go again. Seems like this is the best way for me to retain my train of thought.

First off, JO: If you have stale eggs in your bowel, you're allowed to whine, cause that has GOT to hurt!!!! We're all having those days Hon, and yesterday was one of mine. I hardly did anything yesterday, I even had the computer turned off by 10 p.m., and spent the next two hours sitting on the couch with my feet up knitting and watching a movie (The Bone Collector - good murder mystery!)

GLORIA: Keep up the good work with the positive vibes. They come right over the 'net into my 'puter and make me feel a little better at least.

JOANNE: Glad you've found something that works for you. Wonder if I would get arrested trying to bring it back across the border...

KRIS: Welcome. If you do a search of the forum archives for NG tube, you'll find information that will be of assistance to you. I know there were some posts about them in the past 6 months or so, but I've never had one myself, so I can't help you much.

COLETTE: Loved the laughs you sent. Will try to catch up with you on ICQ some night this week. Got your new number added.

MARIANNE: Keep up the prayers for Karla - I'm being selfish here, I want her to be able to make the trip east. When she makes the swing from I-95 to Route 1 to go north to Caribou, she'll be within 20 miles of me, and I wouldn't miss the chance to meet her for anything. How is your painting coming????

KARLA: I'm praying too Hon, and burning a candle for you. If we can set it up, we could meet at the Big Stop in Houlton. I'll send you my phone number.

TAMMIE: How did things go with NBC??? I tried to locate the NBC broadcast, but we have satellite, and it is so confusing sometimes! Are they going to have anything about it on their website????

MILLIE: Loved the cartoons so much I saved them and I'm sending them on to some people I know. Keep up the good work, gave me mu second laugh of the day (Colette got the first one - I sort my e-mail alphabetically by sender)

ROSE: Thanks for the good thoughts. I'm preparing for a battle with my GP tomorrow after doing battle with my step-son's teacher today (he has a learning disability that they are not dealing with and I'm p***ed!)

OK, now if I can just find the link for that virtual snowball fight...

Love & Hugs

Nancy in NB

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