Re: OK everyone, my turn to whinge!

From: Rose Lunn (
Tue Aug 28 11:37:59 2001


You just go ahead and whine all you want!!!!!! It's better than holding in and getting an ulcer on top of everything else!

Maybe you can wrap up some of that snow and send it here.....or at least throw us a virtual snowball.....nothing like a good snow ball fight to make you forget the devil pain!

gentle hugs, kcmo rose

At Mon, 27 Aug 2001, Wally wrote: >
>You have probably already guessed I am NOT having a good day!
>Why is it that our mind can over ride what is happening to it so that we
>can get through a crisis or an important occassion like visiting a
>Doctor to convince he/she how sick & how much pain we are in (murphy's
>law I guess), BUT when the "crisis" is over our bodies crumble, and that
>^&*)(&^%&$%# pain comes back with a vengence? Hey I'm usually the
>optimist......the positive attitude guru! I run seminars & worshops on
>the subject!
>I have a great big bowel of stale eggs sitting on my kitchen counter as
>I type this,.........I am picturing them splattered all over the back
>fence! *sigh* it is a great feeling & sensation to watch an egg explode
>after being hurled through the air pretending that it is some persons
>head......(The only trouble with that GREAT activity is the mess I have
>to clean up when I'm finished! LOL)
>OK OK I know I'm getting freaky now, calm down Joey, or everyone will
>think you've totally lost the plot.
>My hubby is smiling at me & telling me to go take some pain pills & have
>a rest! Ha! I haven't even done anything today to make me tired or to
>make me feel like I deserve a rest!!
>I am sooooo sick of the $^%*%$ pain sticking me here & then it racing
>across to there to remind me that THAT spot hurts too! All I want to do
>is take a leasurely stroll around the block! I am not entering the
>100metre sprint at the Goodwill Games that start tomorrow in Brisbane!!
>Oh well......that's it from me...I have worked my self into enough of a
>frenzy to take the rotten pills & rest on my bed for a while.
>Stay cool everyone, I hear you are all experiencing a hot summer....well
>we have just had the biggest fall of snow here for years! LOL You stay
>cool, & I'll work at staying warm.
>Hope everyone is having a great and minimum pain day :-)
>Love & hugs
>Jo (Australia)
>Positive Affirmation
>Say this with your hands above your head
>(victory style) and repeat three times:
>I'm Alive I'm Alert I'm a LOT of fun!!
>That should get you smiling!

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