I have found herbal products that really work!

From: joanne Thorpe (artdesigner2@hotmail.com)
Tue Aug 28 09:04:47 2001

As most of you know, I had surgery with Dr. korell in April,2001. I went back to him for the removal of a neuroma that he was not able to fully remove in march, 2000. I was treated with the Intergel for the 5% of adhesions that had returned since the previous year and all seemed to go well with recovery except for the nearly shutting down of my bowels. I have been so frightened since then, wondering if I would ever get normal again. I met a woman who told me about these products called Sunrider, which are an herbal food source. I began on it 4 weeks ago and I immediately saw change. The tea is delicious and not very expensive at all. You can order over the internet at http://www.sunrider.com. It is a multilevel marketing plan,however, and you would need to become a member to be able to order (which cost only 20 dollars and they send you lots of information about the company). One tea bag makes a gallon of (green) tea and it is best to drink eight glasses of it during the day, hot or cold. If you decide to try it, I would really appreciate it if you would use my member number to sign up so that I can get credit get credit. It is 001288358. This is not a gimmick! I have tried many products and none have worked. My energy level is great and my digestion system is finally working! I would not tell you about this if I did not truly believe that this is a gift from God. The philosophy behind it is simply regeneration, begining healing from within instead of treating the disease. I would be glad to assist you with any questions if you have them. Love, Joanne


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