Re: Change in plans

From: Marianne Bolding (
Tue Aug 28 01:56:55 2001

Karla, I'm really sorry this is happening to you. I wish there was something I could do to help you. Try to be positive (sounds like a stupid thing to say...I know)...but, you won't know for sure that it's the expanders and they'll have to take them out till you go back to Chicago, right? Maybe, they'll fix the problem without having to remove the expanders? The power of prayer can be remarkable (if we really believe)...if we "all" pray for you, maybe, God can bring you some relief. Love, Marianne --- Karla <> wrote: > I was supposed to go back to Chicago on the 4th but
> they are changing it to this Thursday because of all
> the pain I am having. I was doing "okay" last week
> until I finished up on my antibiotic therapy (I had
> to go in once a day for shots of rocephin). Now I
> find that I can barely stand up the pain is so
> unbearable. The area around my urostomy is really
> painful as well. This is not boding well for the
> surgery they had scheduled. The nurse told me today
> that it sounds like they will definetely have to
> remove the expanders. My local doctor won't even
> deal with me....told me to call Chicago. In the
> mean time what do I do until Thursday. It may not
> seem like long but when the morphine doesn't
> work...and I can take as much as I need is a
> lifetime.
> Thought I would let you all know.
> Karla


Marianne Bolding
"Nature Belongs to the Eyes That See It"

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